Now more than ever, video has become the media of choice when it comes to promoting a business. Streaming services and social media advertising revenues have grown over 57% in 2021 and are expected to double. VirtuStudio 360 can provide assistance in promoting a business or organization. We can highlight a service or product or even Share a Special Event (Personal or Business)

It takes a solid post production workflow and software to produce a final result the will elevate you brand to the next level.

VirtuStudio360 uses the same software, DaVinci ReSolve, that is used in major Hollywood studios for commercial and film production.

  • Blackmagic Design’s Latest DaVinci Resolve Software

    • Organizing/Editing Footage

    • Color Correction/ Grading

    • Digital Output in Any of the Industry Standard Formats

  • Blackmagic Design DR Speed Editor

  • Blackmagic Design Micro Panel (Color Correcting)

  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro / Motion

    • Graphics / Titling / Effects

    • Animated Graphics/Effects

    • Adding Soundtrack/Voice-Overs

  • Apple’s Logic Pro

    • Sound Recording / Editing

    • Full Music Production Capabilities

    • 64+ Multitrack recording

    • Multiple Digital Sound Libraries & Instruments

  • Blender 3D Modeling and Animation

    • Turn Your logo’s in 3D and Animate them
    • Rotoscoping Effects
    • Graphics / Titling / Effects
    • Simulations

We recognize the need to provide the best quality imagery to our customers, so we have invested in some of the best products available

  • BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

    • 6k Resolution w/ 4:3’s Sensor

    • B-RAW Digital Format

    • Multiple Sigma Lens

  • DJI Professional Drones

    • 6k Res Capabilities(Photo/Video)

    • Multiple¬† Batteries for Extend Flight Times

  • Key Film Production Equipment

    • Professional Lighting (LED)

    • Audio Recording Equipment (On-Set & Studio)

    • Camera Stabilizing Gimbals

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