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About the company

Established in 2019, VirtuStudio360 has been servicing the Susquehanna Valley producing stunning imagery for media content for local businesses and individuals. Founder, Dave Fetterman, took his love of photography/videography and combined it with his drone to offer unique perspectives for all occasions. In the Fall of 2019, he received his FAA sUAV(Drone) Remote Pilot Certification which enables him to operate commercially. 

The Real Estate Industry was an obvious staring place to offer our services. Providing our local brokers and agents with the ability to deliver high quality photos, videos, virtual tours and in turn, enabling them to focus on selling. The Summer of 2022 saw the addition of offering Floor Plans with Dimensions to give agents even more time back so they can focus on what’s important…their customers.

VirtuStudio360 is always looking for new and exciting ways to expand into other business opportunities. In the Fall of 2022, we are expanding our Drone Services to include Roof Inspections, Construction Progress Imagery, Energy/Utility and more. Please take some time to browse our site or better yet contact us directly and we’d be more than happy to discuss our services.

Here is What We Can Do for You!

Residential Real Estate Services

VirtuStudio360 works with most of the local realtors providing the best imagery using state of the art technology combined with over 30 years of photography and videography experience.

We have streamlined the process so that the impact to the seller is minimal. This enables agents to focus on the customer experience and getting properties sold.

A Winning Combination

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  • High Resolution (6k)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Clear Images Even in Low Light Situations
  • 24 Mil, Wide Angle, 360 Degree Lens to Capture the entire area
  • Use Drone for Exterior Photos to Give a Unique Perspective of the Property
  • Industry Standard Photo Software for Color Correction and Editing. PhotoShop and Lightroom
  • The Latest in Drone Technology
  • Filmed in 6k Resolution
  • Cinema Quality Camera 4:3 Lens
  • Industry Leading Editing/Color Correction Software (Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, Apple’s Final Cut Pro)
  • Includes Graphics, Titles and a Licensed Soundtrack
  • Branded(Social Media) & Unbranded (MLS) Versions

Virtual Tours are a great tool for showcasing a property. We use custom software to create a seamless walk-though experience for the viewer. This gives the potential buyer an opportunity to see the property as if they were there. Why is this important? Photos give the viewer perspective on each individual room, where a Virtual Tour gives them a view of the property as a whole. A potential buyer could love what they see in the photos, however, when they get on-site, the layout of the property may not be what they are looking for and not move forward with a purchase. This wastes your time, potential buyers time and can frustrate the seller. They will appreciate the Virtual Tour and your efforts to streamline their home buying/selling experience.

  • Real Estate Listing with Virtual Tours Get 87% More Views than just photos alone.
  • Virtual Tours are an Important Part of the Decision Making Process. Potential Buyers Stay an Average of 5-10x More Time on Your Listing.
  • Use 360 Degree, High Resolution Panoramic Images
  • Software Enables For A Natural Flow When Roaming from Room to Room
  • Tours are Hosted by VirtuStudio360 and Easily Shared with the Sell/Buyers (MLS / Social Media)
  • Attract a Wide Range of Buyers (Out of Area)

Not every property is the same, however the time you spend on non-sales activities are. On average, it takes an agent 1.5 hours to take photos and another hour to take measurements. Wouldn’t you rather be selling?

VirtuStudio360 wants to work with you to provide affordable deliverables enabling you to focus on your customer.

When your next listing comes up, contact us to walk through all the options and the best approach that fits your budget.

A New Offering Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software That Creates a Layout of an Entire Household in a Matter of Minutes. Here are Some of the Benefits

  • Extremely Accurate Representation of the Property with Dimensions
  • No Need for the Agent to Take Valuable Time Measuring Each Room
  • Professional, Printable Floorplan as a Deliverable or for MLS Upload

Commercial Real Estate Services

Our services can be used either to sell your business or to promote it. High-Quality imagery is what the marketplace expects and we set the bar.

While the services are not much different than our Residential Offerings, the use cases can be. We can explore unique ways to reach your customers and build your brand.

Selling vs Promoting

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We can use the same streamlined process we offer with a residential property. The focus will be on working with the MLS system and producing deliverables that are compatible.

Businesses can leverage our services to elevate their existing marketing strategies or to create a whole new approach.

Here are a few use cases to get you thinking about the possibilities for your business…

  • Virtual Tours – Highlight Your Space and what it has to offer. Our custom tailored tours have capabilities beyond a simple walk-through 
  • Videography – Create Short Videos with eye catching graphics and soundtracks to share on Social Media / Websites to entice new customers or to introduce new products/services to existing customers

Drone Services

In recent time we have seen sUAV’s or drones take an important role in many areas of business both in the public and private sectors. Drone technology has become more affordable and the capabilities keep improving.

The heart of VirtuStudio360’s business is around our drones, so it was important to pursue our sUAV Remote Pilot Commercial License (Part 107).

While the Real Estate market is still one of our strongest business practices, we are expanding into other areas of opportunity.

The Sky is the Limit

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Using a Drone for video and photography allows us to bring an exciting point of view like no other. We standardize on DJI Drone technology as they are a market leader in many industries. The following drones are specifically for our Video/Photo Opportunities:

  • DJI Mavic 3 – 6k 4:3 Sensor
  • DJI Air 2s – 5.4k 1″ Sensor

Physically getting up on a roof top to do an inspection opens opportunity for severe injury or even damage to the roof itself.

Using a drone can not only be done from the safety of the ground, but also offers professional deliverables as in high resolution photos and videos. 

We also offer Infrared Deliverables to illustrate weaknesses, hot spots and moisture damage. This enables the inspectors/contractors to pinpoint trouble spots that may normally be invisible to the naked eye. VirtuStudio360 will deliver a comprehensive report along with the images so that repairs can be streamlined.

Being on location may not always be feasible especially when multiple projects are in progress during the same timeframe.

We offer our services to enable you to see the progress of your construction projects throughout the entire timespan without having to be on site.

  • Drone Deliverables
    • High Quality Photos/Video
    • Multiple Angles of View
    • Flexible Time Interval between Inspections

When disaster wrecks havoc on a community and folks are trying to move forward to make their lives whole again, VirtuStudio360 can be your local resource to assist. 

Especially in dangerous situations where sending in a person to evaluate a property for damage can be hazardous. We can utilize our drone capabilities to get the information you need to help your customers.

Whether it is for residential or commercial, we will provide the deliverables to make it easier and safer for agents.

Local utility companies can use VirtuStudio360 as a local resource to inspect lines for damage, especially in hard to reach regions or hazardous situations.

As alternative energy sources becomes more prevalent in our communities, the need to maintain them at their highest proficiencies is paramount.

We can deploy quickly from a safe location and distance.

  • 56x’s Zoom w/ High Resolution camera for photos/videos
  • Infrared camera to identify wear and tear undetectable with the naked eye
  • Professional deliverables (Photos/videos/Reports) 


Keeping our community safe and secure is a priority for our brave first responders. A rapid response can be the determining factor when it comes to a survival situation. VirtuStudio’s drone technology will be there to assist. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and Infrared technologies, enable us to hone in during a time of crisis.

Our drones can give a birds-eye view of any situation to help guide first responders in a safe manner.

  • Lost Persons
  • Fire Search & Rescue
  • Fugitive Tracking
  • Loudspeaker Public Announcements
  • Disaster Search & Rescue 

Media & Marketing Content

Now more than ever, video has become the media of choice when it comes to promoting a business. Streaming services and social media advertising revenues have grown over 57% in 2021 and are expected to double in the next 2 years to reach to more than $15 Billion. VirtuStudio360 has the capability to deliver the message you are looking for at a reasonable rate:

  • Promote a Business/Organization
  • Highlight a Service or Product
  • Share a Special Event (Personal or Business)


Elevate Your Brand!

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We recognize the need to provide the best quality imagery to our customers, so we have invested in some of the best products available

  • BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera
    • 6k Resolution w/ 4:3’s Sensor
    • B-RAW Digital Format
    • Multiple Sigma Lens
  • DJI Professional Drones
    • 6k Res Capabilities(Photo/Video)
    • Multiple  Batteries for Extend Flight Times
  • Key Film Production Equipment
    • Professional Lighting (LED)
    • Audio Recording Equipment (On-Set & Studio)
    • Camera Stabilizing Gimbals

It takes a solid post production workflow and software to produce a final result the will elevate you brand to the next level.

VirtuStudio360 uses the same software that is used in major Hollywood studios for commercial and film production.

  • Blackmagic Design’s Latest DaVinci Resolve Software
    • Organizing/Editing Footage
    • Color Correction/ Grading
    • Digital Output in Any of the Industry Standard Formats
  • Blackmagic Design DR Speed Editor
  • Blackmagic Design Micro Panel (Color Correcting)
  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro / Motion
    • Graphics / Titling / Effects
    • Animated Graphics/Effects
    • Adding Soundtrack/Voice-Overs
  • Apple’s Logic Pro
    • Sound Recording / Editing
    • Full Music Production Capabilities
    • 64+ Multitrack recording
    • Multiple Digital Sound Libraries & Instruments
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